Michael Saylor, a leading figure at MicroStrategy and a noted Bitcoin enthusiast, recently reaffirmed, in a tone of unwavering optimism, his long-term vision for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. During an interview with Bloomberg TV last Tuesday, Saylor discussed the outlook for Bitcoin in light of growing institutional interest, especially with the introduction of ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) focused on crypto assets. He highlighted that ETFs work as a catalyst, attracting institutional capital in volumes that far exceed the daily supply generated by Bitcoin mining, something in the order of eight to ten times.

This wave of adoption by large institutions, according to Saylor, not only validates Bitcoin’s position in the financial market but also brings direct benefits to MicroStrategy’s investment strategy. The company, under his guidance, adopted a “buy and hold” policy that, even in the face of gains exceeding 70%, remains firm in the belief that Bitcoin is the best long-term store of value.

When asked about the possibility of making profits on MicroStrategy’s impressive Bitcoin portfolio, valued at around US$10 billion, Saylor responded with a statement that has already become emblematic in his repertoire: the intention to “buy the top forever ”. For him, Bitcoin represents not just a superior asset, but the ultimate exit strategy, underlining confidence in the cryptocurrency as a bastion of lasting value.

Saylor doesn’t hesitate to compare Bitcoin to market giants like Apple and Google, pointing to Bitcoin’s uniqueness as a non-corporate asset class with an unprecedented ability to attract capital. This characteristic, he argues, is what will eventually lead capital to migrate from traditional assets, such as gold, stock indices and real estate, to Bitcoin, due to its technical robustness and superiority as a store of value.

With a clear vision of the future, Saylor articulates an investment philosophy that eschews market volatility to focus on Bitcoin’s long-term potential. “There is simply no reason to sell the winners to buy the losers,” he states, echoing his belief in Bitcoin’s continued dominance over other forms of investment. This resolute stance is a testament to his dedication to Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency he says he is “married” to.

In short, Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy’s approach to Bitcoin is not just an investment strategy; it is a vote of confidence in the future of cryptocurrencies. Through a vision that transcends market fluctuations, Saylor positions Bitcoin as the backbone of a new financial era.


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