During the Token2049 conference in Dubai, Gavin Wood, founder of Polkadot, presented a major advancement for the platform with the reveal of the new Gray Paper detailing the implementation of the Join-Accumulate Machine (JAM). This update proposes replacing the relay chain with a more modular and lean structure, promising to increase the effectiveness and overall stability of the network.

JAM’s focus is to provide a robust foundation for parachains, supporting existing and new ones that use Substrate, a popular framework for building blockchains. This will allow developers to expand their capabilities without facing code or state capacity limitations, with the option to add DOT deposits to further expand their functionality.

The update also promotes a significant technical change, replacing WebAssembly with the RISC-V ISA, an open source architecture, which reflects an advance in processor customization. Additionally, SAFROLE, a new algorithm for block production based on SNARK, aims to optimize network performance and scalability.

This step towards decentralization is evidenced by Wood’s intention to support multiple client implementations, diversifying development across multiple programming languages. “We believe that supporting a range of implementations in diverse programming languages ​​will strengthen the foundation of the ecosystem. It distributes the power of protocol implementers more broadly and reduces the risk of a bug in one implementation bringing down the entire network,” Wood highlighted.

To encourage this vision, the JAM Implementer Award was introduced, providing the community with 10 million DOT to foster development within the new JAM paradigm. This award joins other initiatives, such as Decentralized Futures and the on-chain treasury, to nurture Polkadot’s ecosystem and technology stack.

The ratification of JAM by Polkadot’s on-chain governance mechanism will be the trigger to activate the award, marking a new chapter in the platform’s evolution. With this, Polkadot reaffirms its commitment to promoting the adoption and usefulness of its technology, encouraging continuous innovation.


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Source: https://portalcripto.com.br/polkadot-anuncia-atualizacao-jam-e-promove-engajamento-com-premio-de-10-milhoes-em-dot/

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