10 mayo 2023

Those who are passionate about combining gambling and gastronomy will love this slot! It is a slot machine that recreates the delicious Italian pizza. The first thing that catches your eye is its fun aesthetics and bright colors.

Its originality lies in the fact that the grid is shaped like a slice of pizza. You will see how the pizza turns and turns until it is retained in that slice. It is a game with 5 reels and high volatility. And it has 720 pay lines.

What will you find in the rollers? Basically pizza ingredients, such as chillies, olives, basil or mushrooms. In addition, money and delivery trucks also appear. You can play this slot at Casino Barcelona.

How do you play Pizza! Pizza? Pizza!?

The procedure is like any other slot machine. If you have already played with them before, it will not be difficult for you to adapt to this one. The buttons are very intuitive and it’s very easy to use, plus the rules are the same for all of them.

You have to spin the reels and see the result of your spin. What combination has come out? Was it the winner? If so, the prize you have won will appear on the screen. Then, you can withdraw or continue playing.

In Pizza! Pizza? Pizza! you can also get free spins and multipliers. Look at the chillies! They can provide you with important prizes. Undoubtedly, a very complete and fun game, with well-worked graphics and animations.

game features

The reels have a different layout than any slot. They range from 6 to 5 to 4 to 3 to 2, as they fit the space of a slice of pizza. Winning combinations are those in which the symbols are repeated.

The return to player is 96%, which is not bad at all! And you can even win up to 7200 times the money you have bet. If you have never played this slot, you can try the free spins, that is, the demos, to get training.

As for the minimum bet… this is very low, you can play for only 20 cents. The maximum bet is 12 euros. Being a 100% game of chance, there are no tricks here to win the big prizes, everything will depend on your luck.

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