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Omni Network, an Ethereum interoperability protocol, released details this Thursday (11) about its long-awaited airdrop. With a total supply of 100 million OMNI tokens, this airdrop will distribute 3% of that supply, i.e. 3 million tokens, as part of its token distribution initiative.

Eligibility for this airdrop dates back to April 3, 2024, and users have a 45-day period to claim their OMNI rewards. After this period, unclaimed tokens will be returned to the Omni Foundation for future community activities. Users can now check if they meet the criteria for the initial airdrop on the Omni website.

The OMNI airdrop is divided into eight distinct categories, each designated for different community stakeholders. Omni community members will be allocated 1.5 million tokens (50%), while users who participate in staking on EigenLayer will receive 400 thousand tokens (13.3%).

Validators on Beacon Chain Sola will be rewarded with 300 thousand tokens (10%). Meanwhile, holders of NFTs such as Milady Maker, Redacted Remilio Babies, Pudgy Penguins and Injective Ninjas will receive varying allocations totaling 75 thousand tokens (25.4%). Additionally, 175 thousand tokens (5.8%) will be distributed through strategic partnership agreements.

To participate in the airdrop and claim their OMNI rewards, users must ensure they meet the criteria set out for each specific category.

Airdrop da Omni Network

Omni Network is a platform that aims to facilitate interoperability between different blockchains, creating a connected ecosystem for the exchange of digital assets.

Thus, one of the fundamental features of the Omni Network is its ability to allow digital assets to be transferred between different blockchains. This means that a user can, for example, transfer Ethereum (ETH) tokens to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network or vice versa, without the need for centralized intermediaries or complex processes.

Additionally, Omni Network offers a variety of services and functionalities designed to improve user experience and promote mass adoption of digital assets. These include features such as staking, which allows users to earn rewards by locking their tokens in smart contracts, and liquidity provision, which allows users to participate in liquidity pools to earn transaction fees.

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