Changpeng Zhao, better known as “CZ”, the mind behind cryptocurrency giant Binance for many years, recently revealed his plans to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in his new business ventures.

In a recent publication, CZ detailed the progress of his new business venture towards its launch. One of the points revealed by the former CEO of Binance is that he will need to implement Artificial Intelligence tools in order to allow his company to produce its product (online classes).

In his post, the founder of Binance stated that his “Giggle Academy” is progressing, however “not completely linear”.

“Progressing”, but not all linear. It is also true that we are “struggling” to do the first lesson. Lots of debates about what it should be like, what game engine to use, features, animation, interactions to include or not. Boot mode again. Just like the good old days,” CZ wrote.

When asked about implementing AI by a member of the crypto community, CZ confirmed the measure, stating: “yes, it will have to include many AI-assisted features”.

It is worth remembering that, in February, CZ had his court sentence in the United States postponed until the end of April. Zhao, who until then led the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in terms of volume, faces charges from the US Department of Justice. The allegations, which came to light in November after a lengthy investigation, include money laundering and sanctions violations. As a result, Binance was fined a staggering $4.3 billion and forced to close its operations in the United States.

Amid these turbulences, CZ stepped down from the position of CEO, handing over command to Richard Teng, previously the company’s Global Head of Regional Markets.


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