Nasdaq, one of the United States’ leading stock exchanges, is refocusing on blockchain technology to develop carbon markets, after discontinuing its US digital asset custody plans due to regulatory concerns. This strategic shift puts Nasdaq at the forefront of the emerging asset tokenization sector, highlighting the versatility of blockchain technology.

Nasdaq’s new goal is to create an end-to-end technology platform to power digital assets and support markets like carbon. Tal Cohen, co-president of Nasdaq, said that despite regulatory challenges, the company is committed to launching the service as a cutting-edge technology solution.

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Blockchain technology used for efficiency and transparency in carbon credit

Nasdaq’s blockchain technology will enable the creation and distribution of standardized digital carbon credits, ensuring full auditability throughout the transaction lifecycle. Additionally, Nasdaq has developed a carbon taxonomy framework, ready to incorporate new types of credit as the market evolves.

Cohen also highlighted Nasdaq’s willingness to collaborate with European policymakers to address the region’s market challenges. Thus, emphasizing the company’s strong presence in Europe and its commitment to meeting market demands.

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Nasdaq Collaborates with Europe to Address Market Challenges

This initiative by Nasdaq not only strengthens its position as a leader in a vital sector like asset tokenization. In this way, it also demonstrates the potential of blockchain technology beyond the world of cryptocurrencies. The adoption of blockchain in the carbon credit market can bring more transparency, efficiency and reliability to this important sector.

Nasdaq, by venturing into the development of carbon markets. Thus, it signals a future in which blockchain technology can play a crucial role in sustainability and the fight against climate change. This strategic shift represents an innovative approach at the intersection of financial technology and the environment.


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