Bitnomial, a pioneering cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, has achieved a notable feat by receiving a clearing house license from the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). With this approval, Bitnomial becomes the first native U.S. cryptocurrency exchange to hold a full set of licenses to operate as an exchange, clearinghouse and derivatives broker.

This achievement represents a significant milestone for Bitnomial. The company can now offer margined digital asset futures and options trading under the direct supervision of the CFTC. The clearing house license (DCO) completes Bitnomial’s rare set of licenses, which already included an exchange license (DCM) and a broker license (FCM).

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Single exchange with physical delivery of digital assets and margin in the US

A notable aspect of Bitnomial is its unique margined and physically delivered digital asset derivatives offering. In this way, it allows users to acquire real ownership of digital assets, instead of a mere cash payment at the conclusion of the contract. This feature distinguishes Bitnomial from other exchanges and expands the possibilities for traders and investors in the cryptocurrency market.

Approval by the CFTC was the result of a bipartisan consensus, with two Democratic commissioners and two Republican commissioners voting in favor. Therefore, only one Democratic commissioner voted against it. The decision marks the first time the CFTC has authorized a vertically integrated market structure.

Bitnomial plans to introduce a global derivatives trading platform regulated in the US. Thus, it will integrate digital assets as collateral, in addition to the traditional USD and Treasury margin guarantees. This move not only facilitates cryptocurrency trading but also covers a wide spectrum of physical and digital commodities.

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Bitnomial prepares for significant expansion in the derivatives market

Bitnomial Exchange, active since late 2020, has been working behind the scenes to prepare for a significant expansion of its business. Unlike other companies that have sought to disintermediate the brokerage sector, Bitnomial focuses on serving brokers, institutions and dealers through its FCM.

Bitnomial CEO Luke Hoersten expressed gratitude to the CFTC for its hard work during the licensing process. Thus, he also highlighted the importance of the commission in the growth of the global digital asset industry. Bitnomial is now preparing to expand its product offering and customer base in anticipation of an increase in demand for physical Bitcoin derivatives trading. All this within a regulated environment.


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