Meson Network, an innovator in decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN), announced the launch of its token, MSN, through the OKX Jumpstart program. The mining event is scheduled to begin at 6:00 am (UTC) on April 26, 2024, offering a unique opportunity for OKX users to stake BTC and ETH in exchange for MSN tokens.

During the two-day period ending April 28, participants will have the chance to invest in a total of 800,000 MSN tokens, which will be distributed equally between two staking pools: 400,000 MSN going to the BTC pool and the same amount to the ETH pool. Each user will be able to stake up to 0.3 BTC or 3.5 ETH, with no minimum amount required, thus promoting broad inclusion.

Those interested in participating in this event must go through OKX’s identity verification process, and it is important to highlight that residents of Mainland China, Hong Kong and Korea are prevented from participating. The platform calculates staking rewards in real time using the following formula:

“If a user staked 0.1 BTC, the total amount of BTC staked at that time is 1,000, and the amount of tokens released per minute is 10,000, then the user’s per-minute rewards would be calculated as follows: User’s Per-Minute Rewards = (0.1 / 1,000) * 10,000 = 1 (token).”

This strategy allows users to manage their bets flexibly, being able to add or withdraw their assets at any time during the mining period. After the event ends, unclaimed tokens will be automatically returned to users’ accounts within two hours.

Meson Network seeks to revolutionize access to bandwidth and big data services through its blockchain protocol, performing critical functions within the Meson ecosystem such as rewarding contributors, facilitating governance and increasing mining efficiency. With a total supply of 100 million tokens, Meson aims to transform the bandwidth market by offering a more efficient and decentralized solution.


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