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This week is the final or decisive stretch of several successful pre-sales, and one of them is Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX). The token, which has raised more than US$13 million so far, promises to revolutionize the mining sector. And its listing on exchanges will take place in less than three days.

With a price of US$0.0148, every US$1.00 invested allows the purchase of 67 Bitcoin Minetrix. This price is the last chance to buy BTCMTX at a locked price before launch. And given the success of the pre-sale, the expectation is that the token will see a strong appreciation in the first few days of trading on exchanges.

Bitcoin Minetrix is ​​a project that offers small investors the opportunity to profit from Bitcoin (BTC) mining without making large investments. With the Bitcoin halving taking place over the weekend, the shock caused by the cut in supply tends to increase the value of the cryptocurrency in the long term.

Historically, this has triggered parabolic market conditions, with the price of Bitcoin rising and altcoins following suit. However, halving also reduces miners’ profitability, bringing challenges to remaining efficient in this market.

The BTCMTX token can benefit from both ends of the spectrum. On the one hand, the appreciation of BTC tends to stimulate demand for tokens linked to its ecosystem, causing their price to appreciate. On the other hand, Bitcoin Minetrix offers users passive income in BTC from mining, linking the appreciation of BTCMTX to the success of BTC.

With Bitcoin Minetrix, users do not need to worry about purchasing expensive machines or incurring high electricity costs to mine BTC. All you need to do is simply need an Ethereum (ETH) compatible wallet and pre-purchase BTCMTX tokens.

Users then stake their BTCMTX on the platform, earning BTC mining credits in return. They can then burn these credits for their share of the cloud mining pool rewards, receiving BTC.

Successful pre-sale of Bitcoin Minetrix

To add to the excitement, Bitcoin Minetrix’s resounding pre-sale success and exchange launch could cause a further increase in demand, with these factors translating into significant price appreciation potential.

According to YouTuber Jacob Bury, he speculates that Bitcoin Minetrix could appreciate 10 times after being launched on the stock exchanges. The pre-sale price is $0.0148, so the token could reach almost $0.15 on the first day alone.

These factors suggest huge potential for Bitcoin Minetrix. However, pre-sales end in less than three days and the launch will take place on April 28th. Therefore, this is the last opportunity to buy BTCMTX and take advantage of this potential return. Access the pre-sale website and purchase your tokens.

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