The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebasestimated this Monday at 90 million euros the impact that the decree that prepares the Government and that it will limit the advertising of the betting houses. Alberto Garzonminister of Consumptionas reported EFEhas already sent a letter to 25 clubs of First y Second advising them to cease their betting sponsorships this season.

“If those who are still governing and it seems that they are, they have planned a Royal Decree and the impact will be 90 million,” he said at a conference at the Cardenal Herrera CEU University in which he admitted that “it is a wild subject that had to be regulated not prohibited”.

“It is true that the world of betting is a wild world and it should be regulated, but not prohibited,” he said. Thebes pointed out that “there is a lot of demagogy” and that the total ban will lead to “inconsistencies” because advertising will be seen at international events such as the Tower of France or the Formula 1 Grand Prix that are not in spain.

Alberto Garzón, in La Hora de La 1 on TVE

“What you see in Spain does not have to be the same as what is seen in Beijing or New York. Different signals can be made for each country, in fact, for example, we only have Sportium in Spain and another bookmaker in Africa,” he explained.

In addition, he pointed out that they were looking for “a transition period” of two years but believes that the contracts that the clubs are signing already include exit clauses due to this possible regulation.

tax hike

The president of LaLiga also said that he is concerned about “tax increases” and that Spain is “the country that treats athletes the worst” and that this makes LaLiga less competitive and that they are “an industry that involves 180,000 jobs of work”.

He gave as an example Cristiano Ronaldo “who in Italy pays 25% of what he earns there and 100,000 euros for what he earns in the rest of the world.” “I am concerned about the tax increase that is being talked about so much; we are trying to ensure that there is a transition period, since we are the country that treats soccer players the worst at a fiscal level,” he added.

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