In a strategic move to strengthen its influence in the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies, Hedera Hashgraph, the entity behind the crypto asset HBAR, recently announced its new membership to the UK Cryptocurrency Business Council (UKCBC). This initiative reflects Hedera’s commitment to fostering innovation and advocating for effective policies in the UK cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Hedera’s inclusion in UKCBC is a significant step for the company, placing it alongside important market players such as Ripple, Coinbase, Uniswap and Archax. This partnership highlights Hedera’s continued effort to benefit users, investors and businesses by promoting innovation and consumer safety.

However, despite the high expectations generated by joining the council, the HBAR price had a moderate reaction, registering a decline of 4.15% in the last 24 hours. This decrease reflects a broader trend of market slowdown, influenced by variations in the price of Bitcoin.

Despite these negative fluctuations, HBAR has demonstrated impressive performance in the emerging market, standing out for its resilience and recording substantial growth since November last year. From a low of $0.06, HBAR achieved a 123% increase to an annual peak of $0.1339. However, the cryptoactive is still far from its all-time high of 2021, of US$0.5701, around 80% below.

Hedera Hashgraph stands out as a sustainable, enterprise-grade public network focused on the decentralized economy. Offering an efficient solution that overcomes the performance and stability issues of traditional blockchain-based platforms, Hedera has firmly established itself in the competitive cryptocurrency market.

The integration of Hedera Hashgraph into UKCBC represents a strategic advance, aiming to expand its presence in the cryptocurrency sector. Although the market reaction has been muted, HBAR’s future looks bright, with the company continuing to promote innovation and sound policies in the UK cryptocurrency ecosystem.

At the time of publication, the price of HBAR was quoted at US$0.1078, up 3% in the last 24 hours.


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