John J. Ray, the CEO now leading Exchange FTX through its bankruptcy process, has come forward to vehemently dispute the claims made by former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried and his defense. In a letter addressed to Judge Lewis Kaplan, Ray debunks previous arguments about FTX’s financial condition during its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, as well as addressing Bankman-Fried’s alleged financial losses.

Describing a scenario where Herculean efforts were required, Ray and his team dedicated themselves over the course of a year to transitioning FTX from a deep crisis to a state where a reorganization plan presents itself as a light at the end of the tunnel for creditors. He points out Bankman-Fried’s statements as “completely false,” illuminating the grim scenario he encountered upon taking the reins.

Ray details a turnaround saga where excessive luxuries and risky bets had previously wasted valuable assets, revealing a balance of just 105 bitcoins, a small fraction of the nearly 100,000 bitcoins claimed by customers at his takeover. This rescue journey culminated in the discovery of $7 billion in assets, a significant milestone next to the total $8.7 billion owed to customers.

Ray’s criticism did not spare Bankman-Fried’s management at FTX, highlighting that the path to bankruptcy is unlikely to fully cover the losses of creditors and investors, a direct consequence of fraudulent activities. He also raised concerns about repayments to customers and creditors contingent on the government waiving claims of more than $9 billion in fines and penalties tied to Bankman-Fried’s crimes.

The FTX saga illustrates a stark contrast between past and present leadership, with Ray challenging the post-Bankman-Fried solvency narrative as fantastical and highlighting mismanagement and its devastating consequences. The case, culminating in Bankman-Fried’s conviction on all charges, not only contrasts views within the company but also underscores the substantial impact on the cryptocurrency industry.


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