Exchange FTX has made a move on its Solana reserves, marking a new chapter in the cryptocurrency saga. The platform, which met its end under tumultuous circumstances, sold a significant portion of its assets in Solana, one of the prominent cryptocurrencies in the current market. This decision, taken under court order, aimed to settle outstanding debts with creditors, highlighting the volatility and unforeseen opportunities in the crypto ecosystem.

Specifically, FTX managed to sell approximately two-thirds of its holdings in Solana at a price well below the market, capturing the attention of the industry and investors. This substantial discount on Solana tokens not only reflects FTX’s delicate situation but has also sparked discussions about the impact of such massive sales on the price of the cryptocurrencies involved.

Among the buyers, influential names such as Galaxy Trading and Pantera Capital stand out, which together absorbed a significant amount of SOL tokens, reinforcing confidence in the cryptocurrency despite the circumstances. The sales volume and price reveal the magnitude of the transaction, estimating that the tokens were traded at a price well below their market value at the time, highlighting a unique opportunity for buyers and a challenge for FTX in maximizing the liquidation of its assets.

While Solana faced difficult times following the collapse of FTX, the cryptocurrency saw signs of recovery and renewed interest from investors and the market. This phenomenon is driven not only by Solana’s resilience but also by the expansion of its ecosystem, covering areas such as Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi), which have recorded notable growth.


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