In a bold move towards digital innovation, renowned business magazine Forbes, founded in 1917, recently set a notable milestone in the Web3 universe by inaugurating its permanent presence in the Sandbox Metaverse. This movement signals a new era for interaction between traditional media and the expansive frontiers of virtual worlds.

Strategically located west of the mystical “Dracula’s Castle” and north of the vibrant “HODL Island”, Forbes’ immersive experience is now open to the public, promising to be a meeting point for industry enthusiasts and professionals. Upon entering this virtual space, visitors are welcomed with a meticulously planned design, which includes a luxurious pool, a bar of undeniable sophistication, and a gallery dedicated to celebrating the 2024 Under 30 award winners. exploration and interaction in a visually captivating environment.

In addition to the visual richness, the experience is enriched by QR codes spread throughout the place, inviting visitors to a virtual treasure hunt that reveals exclusive content. This initiative not only increases engagement but also strengthens the bridge between digital and physical content in an innovative way.

The backdrop for this launch is strengthened by The Sandbox’s recent unlocking of 209 million asset tokens, valued at around $90 million. These resources were allocated to reserves, staff and advisors, marking a significant step for the Sandbox ecosystem amid competitive launches from giants such as Avalanche, Aptos, Optimism and Sui, totaling around US$900 million.

As the metaverse becomes an increasingly attractive terrain for corporations and brands, Forbes’ entry into this digital space is not only a testament to the media’s constant evolution, but also an invitation to explore the limitless potential of Web3.


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