March 14, 2024

Legal gambling in Spain has certain characteristics that must be respected by sites authorized to operate in the national territory. The legality of these gambling and sports betting platforms provides the security that players require. Betting on a legal site is convenient and allows you to enjoy the different features without being worried about security.

Who controls legal gambling in Spain?

The General Directorate of Gambling Regulation (DGOJ) of Spain is the body that regulates, supervises, controls and authorizes gambling activities. In addition, said institution is dependent on the General Secretariat of Consumption and Gaming and grants official licenses to casinos. The casino authorized by the DGOJ is safe because it has the official license to carry out its functions.

In addition, it is important to mention that all sites authorized by the DGOJ have the “Safe Gaming” badge. In this way, players can see the logo directly on the casino platform where they decide to place their bets safely.

The best casinos in Spain

In Spain you will find a wide variety of online casinos, 100% legal, where it is possible to make really safe bets. Among the most renowned casinos you can find the following:

  • Code: It is one of the most important online casino and sports betting sites in Spain. Through its platform it is possible to access games with quality providers, secure payment methods and efficient customer service.

  • Bet365: It is another of the most recognized online casinos in Spain that offers sports betting 24 hours a day. It also allows you to play live poker tables from anywhere the player is. Its live chat responds to user queries quickly.

  • Betway: The platform allows you to make live sports bets, themed games according to the date of the year and online roulette. The registration process is easy to complete, since in a matter of minutes you can start playing. A peculiarity of Betway is that it has a Blog, where players can be informed about the news.

  • 888casino: The site, founded in 1997 and registered in Gibraltar, offers variety in casino games and the possibility of placing sports bets. It is one of the most complete websites and it is possible to watch live sporting events from the platform.

Each of the casinos mentioned are authorized by the DGOJ and offer a safe platform to place bets. In addition, they use SSL technology, Secure Sockets Layer, which encrypts data to protect information from intrusion by third parties.


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