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The Government of Ceuta, chaired by Juan Vivas, of the Popular Party, is going to modify the City’s Betting Regulations approved in 2010 to prohibit the opening of new gaming and betting venues for ten years or until the local population, which currently does not reach 85,000 inhabitants, exceeds 110,000 individuals.

In addition, the new articles of the norm that the regional Executive has put out for public consultation establishes that establishments located less than 150 meters from educational centers those attended by minors will enjoy a “transitional regime” to be able to continue operating if they meet the rest of the requirements for a maximum of a decade.

Within “six months” As of the entry into force of the new regulation, the companies that own the premises They will be obliged to implement an admission control “that will identify the users who access and register them with DNI, NIE or passport.”

transitional period

“One year” is the term that will be established for remove all arcade machines that are currently outside “betting shops, casinos, bingo halls and gaming halls”.

“The main problems to be solved are, on the one hand, sizing the leisure offer in terms of the number of gaming and betting roomsas well as ordering the appropriate corrective measures to moderate or prevent its growth”, it is collected. On the other hand, explains the memory of the file, “it is intended to establish a minimum distance between these establishments and the educational centers”.

The Autonomous City has achieved, thanks to its historical tax advantages and those introduced in specific taxes about the game in 2018, attracting 25 companies dedicated to online betting.

The results obtained show that the path undertaken brings wealth to Ceutabut this circumstance, together with a significant degree of social awareness, requires forming criteria on the face-to-face aspects of the game that are within our competence,” argues the local government.

The Regulation will also regulate the creation and operation of the Registry of Gambling Access Bans, that is, the system that allows to veto entry to collective money and chance gambling establishments in casinos and the like, as well as access electronically, to people who voluntarily request it.


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