January 3, 2024

Since its early days, Casino777 has been a place known not only for offering a large number of slot machines and other games, but for standing out due to your online roulettes. Variety has always been a trademark of the house, which is why, recently, the casino has reinforced its catalog in order to maintain this identity that characterizes it so much.

Latest live roulette

As all those who are interested in online roulette know, those that are played live have reached a high level of popularity in recent years. This is a very convenient way to be able play from home in a way that reflects the intensity and atmosphere found in land-based live casinos.

Thus, Casino777 has incorporated new live roulettes with which it offers its users this advanced service. Some of those available include Live Lightning Roulette or Live Fastball Roulette, although the latest two additions are Live French Roulette and Live French Fastball Roulette, with which They provide a touch of freshness.

Online roulettes of all styles

But it could be said that where Casino777 introduces the most novelties when a comparison is made to the roulette service that other casinos have, is in your selection of online roulette. In this type of case, the variety increases significantly and some themes are even added that are not frequently available in other casino platforms accessible on the Internet.

For example, it is not very common to find an online roulette that is set in the universe of the movie Terminator 2. Due to how original it is, it is a roulette that causes interest among the users of this online casino, who are faced with a roulette with European rules that has several additional features compared to the usual ones.

There are also roulettes that have a sports theme, such as Hockey Fever Roulette or Rugby Fever Routlette, in which the dealers ensure that users participate in a different experience. In this search for originality there are also other online roulettes such as Immortal Romance Roulette, Ultra Warp Roulette or Three Wheel Roulette, the latter having the particularity of being played with three roulettes on a single table.

Exploring the latest roulette wheels that has added Casino777 to its catalog, you can also find several that star actor Vinnie Jones who has appeared in films such as X-Men or Snatch. This is the case of the Vinnie Jones Roulette or Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette, where a recorded video of the dealer is included so that the actor’s fans can see it up close.

However, these are just some of the examples of roulette selection that this online casino has and that it is growing as time goes by.

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