Caitlyn Jenner, the well-known public figure and Fox News contributor, caused quite a stir on Memorial Day when she announced the launch of her own meme cryptocurrency called JENNER. The revelation, made through his Instagram and X accounts, initially raised doubts among his followers due to questions of authenticity and possible hacking.

The confusion began with an endorsement video of questionable quality that Jenner promptly replaced with a more convincing one. Additionally, the website associated with her endorsement,, known for gamifying the initial coin offering (ICO) of meme tokens, was a focal point of skepticism. This site uses a binding curve that forces buyers to pay increasing prices in an environment where the real buying and selling market is non-existent.

The story took another turn when Jenner posted about a second meme coin, BBARK, linked to her dogs Bertha and Baxter, only to withdraw the endorsement shortly afterwards. “As I said from the beginning, the only focus I have is $Jenner,” she declared, causing an 80% drop in the price of BBARK.

The suspicion of a hack was fueled by the history of account compromises on X, with notable figures such as Elon Musk and Barack Obama having their profiles temporarily taken over by hackers. This atmosphere led to a deeper investigation into the true authorship behind the JENNER campaign, revealing that an individual named Sahil Arora was behind the operations, suggesting content for Jenner to post.

Although Jenner continues to promote the JENNER token on her social networks, the authorship and control of the published content remain ambiguous. Sahil, for his part, confirmed his responsibility for launching the cryptocurrency, although a blockchain analysis indicates that he was also responsible for the creation and sale of other meme coins.


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