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On a recent working visit to Brazil, Michael Saylor, president of technology company MicroStrategy, shared his views on the current volatility of Bitcoin (BTC). For Saylor, one of the cryptocurrency’s leading advocates, price fluctuations are nothing to worry about.

“It’s simply something we have to accept. If we want to eliminate volatility, we would have to regulate it. And when you regulate, you harm”, explained the businessman.

Currently, Bitcoin is facing a period of high volatility, in part due to the crisis in the Middle East resulting from the conflict between Iran and Israel. Despite this, Saylor maintains unshakable confidence in the future of cryptocurrency, highlighting that other assets do not have the same resistance over time.

With Bitcoin currently priced at around US$63,000, Saylor foresees significant upside potential. He argues that BTC has “a clear path to multiplying its current value by 100,” based on global regulatory clarity and the perception of Bitcoin as a valuable commodity.

Queda do Bitcoin

Furthermore, Saylor reinforced his view of Bitcoin as the “perfect money”, comparing it to a divine creation.

“It’s as if God came down from heaven and said: I’m going to create a shared, immutable system of record with no more than 21 million units and I’m going to keep your money in cyberspace. No one will ever deceive you. You will be able to move the coins telepathically and they will last a million years,” he declared emphatically.

As for creating other cryptocurrencies, Saylor expressed caution, highlighting the costs and uncertainties involved. He highlighted the success of the strategy adopted by MicroStrategy, which recently acquired 9,245 BTC, bringing its total to 214,246 BTC, making the company the leader in Bitcoin accumulation among public companies.

With the Bitcoin halving approaching, an event that will halve the issuance of the cryptocurrency, Saylor demonstrated confidence in the future of Bitcoin, predicting it to surpass the historical record of US$73,000, possibly reaching US$100,000 by the end of this year.

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