Even with the cryptocurrency market in another week of decline, the winds of change are blowing strongly, bringing predictions that both disquiet and fascinate investors around the globe. Robert Kiyosaki, the renowned investor and author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, is once again in the spotlight with his recent statements about the imminent “biggest crash of all”. This time, Bitcoin, the crown jewel of decentralized finance, is not immune to their predictions.

Kiyosaki, referring to financial analyst Harry Dent, warned of a soon-to-burst bubble that will spare virtually no sector, including Bitcoin. Dent, known for his bold analysis and predictions, speculated that the value of Bitcoin could plummet below $40,000, and potentially hit the $200 mark per coin. Such a prediction certainly echoes the cautious sentiment among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors.

In a counterintuitive move, Kiyosaki sees a golden opportunity in this potential downturn. The author stated that if Bitcoin actually reaches the values ​​predicted by Dent, he plans to “buy as many coins as I can.” He describes Bitcoin as “the people’s money,” underlining his faith in cryptocurrency as a decentralized, crisis-resistant form of finance.

Kiyosaki’s vision is not merely focused on Bitcoin. He broadens his investment horizon to include real estate, gold and silver, considering them safe havens in times of economic uncertainty. With a prediction that the “Baby Boom Generation” will face the biggest losses, with their property values ​​plummeting and the S&P 500 potentially falling 80%, Kiyosaki believes that those prepared to navigate this storm could emerge not only unscathed, but possibly richer than ever.

While opinions on the future direction of the cryptocurrency market remain divided, Kiyosaki highlights the importance of preparing for all scenarios. “Those who are prepared will soon be multimillionaires and possibly some new billionaires,” he projects, emphasizing that even in uncertainty, there is wealth to be found for those who own gold, silver and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin currently trades at $65,900, showing modest recent price movement. Despite Dent and Kiyosaki’s grim forecast, industry experts remain cautiously optimistic, with price predictions for BTC ranging from $100,000 to a staggering $1,000,000 by 2025. This divergence of opinion underscores the unpredictable nature of the market. cryptocurrencies, where opportunities and risks go hand in hand.


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