In the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency market has witnessed a remarkable climb in Bitcoin, which reached its highest value in more than a month, reaching an impressive mark of just over US$67,400. Ethereum, not to be outdone, broke the $3,000 resistance, rising above $3,100, marking its presence in a significant market event.

Bitcoin, which faced a sharp drop in early May, reaching below $57,000, began to regain ground the following week. The cryptocurrency surpassed $65,000 on May 6, but faced a quick reversal of course, falling below $61,000 on May 10. However, the bulls took control of the situation, preventing further declines and keeping the price stable during the subsequent weekend.

The turning point came on Monday, with Bitcoin rising to over $63,000. Despite a brief correction on Tuesday where it fell to $61,200, the release of reduced inflation rates in the US on Wednesday boosted the digital currency. Within hours, Bitcoin soared, surpassing $66,000. Subsequent surges, fueled by a growing inflow into Bitcoin ETFs, sent the price to a five-week high, surpassing $67,400.

Currently, Bitcoin still remains at around US$67,000, with its market value reaching US$1.320 trillion, although its dominance over other cryptocurrencies has suffered a slight drop to 51.6%.

At the same time, Ethereum finally overcame the challenge of regaining the US$3,000 level, a resistance that proved difficult in recent weeks. Breaking this barrier allowed Ethereum to climb above $3,100, a milestone reached for the first time in over a week. This rise came at an opportune time, reflecting the gradual recovery of the market.