January 17, 2024

Online casinos have the habit of offering a very varied selection of games with different proposals, slot machines and other types of varieties. But there are not many casinos that decide to specialize in games as specific as the online version of Bingo. This is something that Tombola does, where users have the opportunity to find a combination of classic versions of bingo with others that provide a high dose of originality.

The classic versions of Bingo

The users of tombola They have access to three Bingo proposals that are framed in their most traditional version and style. These online games are bingo90, bingoLite and bingo75. Both bingo90 and bingo75 maintain the essence of the most classic bingo and are characterized by played with 90 and 75 balls respectively. Users have the goal of making lines or bingo in the shortest time possible.

It is a game in which you have to pay attention to the development of the games so that none of the numbers that are called are missed. In addition to lines and bingos There is a third element that must be taken into account: the possibility of winning the pot. This is something that users have the ability to obtain if they complete the card in a maximum of 40 calls. It is not something simple, but the reward obtained is usually an incentive compared to simply winning bingo.

Thirdly, bingoLite is a cheaper version than the two previous proposals, which makes it the option that many users opt for. Jackpots can be accumulated game by game, implying a wide range of opportunities. This version of bingo is usually the one chosen by those people who are just starting to play and who do not yet have experience.

Bingo with a touch of originality

tombola has two additional options known by the names Cinco and Pulse. The first of them presents a card game with a curious approach in which each player receives five cards. The players’ mission is to complete an entire hand using all five cards. Before starting to play, users have to make a decision: the number of hands they are going to play, with a minimum of one and a maximum of five. In addition to this, it must be said that Cinco stands out for its setting, which transports users to the world of the 1920s.

In the case of Pulse, it is a version of Bingo that has been designed exclusively for Tombola and that proposes a more interactive game system. The numbers appear on the screen and it is possible to interact with them to see different effects. To this we must add that it has a chat environment and that a balanced game system is offered because the games have a limit of one card for each of them.

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