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B3, Brazil’s stock exchange, announced the expansion of its technology services by launching a tokenized asset solution for crowdfunding platforms.

According to the announcement, this launch reinforces the company’s commitment to the growth of startups and small and medium-sized companies, which play a fundamental role in the development of the economy.

Furthermore, it intensifies the democratization of the capital market, enabling more companies to access financing through an innovative approach.

At the beginning of the month, the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) authorized B3 to offer this technology. Developed in partnership with B3 Digitas, specialized in products for digital assets, the solution is customizable and can serve any crowdfunding platform.

B3 will enable tokenization of Collective Investment Contracts

As B3 highlighted in the announcement, today, more than 60 crowdfunding platforms regulated by the CVM carry out primary fundraising from investors.

In this way, the solution developed by B3 will enable the tokenization of Collective Investment Contracts (CICs) and assets issued on crowdfunding platforms during primary fundraising.

According to B3, users will be able to trade these tokens later through platforms that use B3 technology. Financial settlement will be via PIX and there will be control of ownership and traceability of operations. In practice, this seeks to offer investors ease and security in buying and selling their holdings.

Furthermore, the platforms will be able to offer investors a personalized, practical and secure environment for subsequent asset trading.

This way, platforms will not need to create their own technology from scratch, ensuring that primary funding and subsequent transactions can be carried out in a single place.

“We are bringing to the market a white label solution [adaptável às necessidades de cada cliente] agile and secure, which enables the crowdfunding sector to offer an environment for investors to transact their participation in startups and small and medium-sized companies. The use of crowdfunding platforms is often the first step for companies into the capital markets”, says Jochen Mielke de Lima, CEO of B3 Digitas.

To develop this solution, B3 had the support of two of the largest startup investment platforms in the country, Kria and EqSeed.

According to Flavia Mouta, director of Issuers at B3, B3’s technological solution arrives to meet companies’ growing need for financing. According to her, one of the ways these companies finance their growth has been equity crowdfunding platforms.

B3 will offer the infrastructure for tokenization and trading of assets and will not act as a central counterparty or interfere in the operations carried out. These activities will continue under the management of crowdfunding platforms, as will the relationship with startups, companies and investors.

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