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Following the announcement of the AnimeChain project in March, the AnimeCoin Foundation launched the web-based game, Gacha Grab, on Monday. Inspired by Japanese gachapon machines, it challenges players to collect collectible prizes.

According to the announcement, each round in Gacha Grab costs 100 credits. These credits offer players the chance to purchase one of eight available digital Gachapons, each with different reward levels. The game, developed in collaboration with the Azuki NFT Collection on Ethereum, allows players to earn credits for every Azuki, Elementals or Beanz NFT they own.

The AnimeCoin Foundation announced that participants in the first Bonus Quest in March will be rewarded with 100 bonus credits.

What are the mechanics behind AnimeCoin’s new game?

Gachapons come in three rarity levels: Esteemed, Grand, and Legend. Players can form “squads” with multiple NFTs they own to maximize their rewards. Additionally, NFTs can also be used to level up your Azuki profile to potentially earn rarer NFTs.

Starting April 6, the AnimeCoin Foundation reported that there will be a 2x increase in credit earning. The offer will be valid for two weeks only. Players can track their performance on the Gacha Grab leaderboard. The foundation warned that Gachapons obtained with NFT credits are linked to the corresponding NFT. This means that if the NFT is sold, the credits will be transferred to the new owner.


What are Ethereum’s Azuki NFTs?

Azuki is a collection of 10,000 anime-themed NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection was launched in January 2022 by Los Angeles-based Chiru Labs. Currently, the minimum price for these NFTs is 4.9 ETH, approximately $14,550.

AnimeChain, announced by the Arbitrum Foundation in conjunction with the Weeb3 Foundation and Chiru Labs, aims to be a central platform for anime-themed projects. Utilizing Arbitrum’s Ethereum scaling technology, AnimeChain promises to offer a community-governed online ecosystem housing original anime content, games, merchandise, and NFTs.

Maintained by the Weeb3 Foundation, it aims to simplify the interaction experience for anime fans without requiring extensive knowledge of blockchain technology. With an intuitive user interface, it aims to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for all anime enthusiasts.

“Arbitrum will empower AnimeChain to redefine the anime experience for fans and creators around the world,” said Nina Rong, head of ecosystem development at Arbitrum Foundation.

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