The year 2023 was special for the XRP Ledger, but 2024 has already started recording a record. With technological advances and the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies by the masses, the XRP Ledger has achieved an impressive feat, showing that its trajectory in the crypto market is far from being temporary.

Specialist cryptocurrency analytics platform Santiment shared on January 26 that the XRP Ledger reached an all-time high with 5.02 million wallets. The platform also noted that XRP has more than doubled these wallets over the past three years.

“XRP Ledger now has 5.02 million distinct wallets storing 0+ XRP coins, the most in its 10+ years of public trading. The 6th crypto asset by market cap has more than doubled these portfolios in 3 years (+104%) as the network expands.”

It is worth remembering that data released in October 2023 reveals that the XRP Ledger was close to recording the incredible mark of 5 million total accounts on its ledger. At the time, the exact number was 4,813,296, a number that many crypto experts did not expect to see so soon. Still according to the information released, the volume of XRP tokens contained in these accounts saw considerable growth.

XRP Ledger Receives Attention Amid Preparations for Institutional Use of XRP

Ripple CTO David Schwartz highlighted the benefits of the XRP Ledger (XRPL) for giant asset manager Franklin Templeton. The announcement comes as large traditional financial institutions are turning their eyes to the cryptocurrency space.

Franklin Templeton has recently shown interest in the ever-evolving Ethereum and Solana ecosystems, which has led to speculation about possible investments in these networks. In a recent tweet, an asset manager expressed openness to exploring other layer-1 blockchain networks, enabling their enormous potential.


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