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Alex Blania, CEO of Tools for Humanity, the platform behind Worldcoin, visited Argentina this week to resolve the platform’s impasses with the South American country’s authorities. In a series of meetings, he met with several government officials, including Demian Reidel of President Javier Milei’s Council of Advisors.

Worldcoin aims to clarify concerns raised by several Argentine entities, such as the Agency for Access to Public Information (AAIP) and the Ministry of Production, Science and Technological Innovation of the province of Buenos Aires. In 2023, AAIP conducted a preliminary investigation into possible violations of the Personal Data Protection Law. At the time, the entity requested clarification on the use of iris scanning devices and demanded a corresponding impact assessment.

In April 2024, the Province of Buenos Aires accused Worldcoin of abusive contractual clauses, violating the National Consumer Protection Law. The Provincial Directorate for the Defense of Consumer Rights identified these alleged violations, threatening the company with a substantial fine.

Worldcoin denies infringement allegations

Worldcoin has rejected these accusations, stating that it has responded to all requests from the province of Buenos Aires since January this year. According to the company, they comply with Argentine laws.

Furthermore, Blania’s actions in Argentina were accompanied by an advertising campaign aimed at the local public. The message highlights the benefits of joining Worldcoin to obtain a unique digital identity on social media.

Despite the country’s authorities questioning the safety of its citizens and violations of national laws, Worldcoin remains firm in its decision to remain in Argentina. These initiatives show that the company’s strategy aims to not only expand its user base, but also avoid sanctions or bans in Argentina and other countries where it faces regulatory challenges.

Additionally, a proposed law has been presented to regulate companies that collect biometric data, such as Worldcoin. The project aims to establish a regulatory framework to protect users of these services. Argentine regulators are concerned about the potential misuse of data collected by Orb, the iris scanning device used by Worldcoin. Millions of Argentines provided their data in exchange for the WLD token.

Worldcoin insists that it meets the highest data protection standards. Its stated goal is to create a universal digital identity to facilitate access to financial services and other opportunities securely and efficiently.

However, investigations in the province of Buenos Aires suggest contradictions between the company’s statements and data collected in audits carried out in different locations where Worldcoin operates.

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