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OpenAI, a leading company in artificial intelligence (AI) services and creator of ChatGPT, announced this Tuesday (13) a new version of ChatGPT open to all users. The announcement was made by CTO Mira Murati, in an event broadcast live.

According to Murati, the ChatGPT update has improved text, image and audio capabilities. Furthermore, it will open the use of the platform to everyone, including free OpenAI users.

“This is the first time we are really taking a big step forward when it comes to ease of use,” said the CTO.

Before the event, AI-related cryptoassets, including Worldcoin (WLD), a token developed by Altman, do not show great volatility. However, if the market reacts positively to the updates, these assets could gain momentum, as has already occurred with other advances in the sector.

Worldcoin and AI tokens

CryptoBusy analysts highlight that, as OpenAI and ChatGPT have the same creator, every move by the company can benefit Worldcoin. Additionally, OpenAI is rumored to be developing a search engine capable of competing with Google, which would be an important milestone for AI.

The expectation is that when this happens, there will be a new surge in AI coins, and investors may go into FOMO (fear of missing opportunities). This initiative could create a huge stir in the niche altcoin market.

In the current scenario, the main cryptoactives in the AI ​​market, such as (FET) and SingularityNET (AGIX), have seen price drops in the last week. However, they still accumulate gains of around 200% since the beginning of 2024.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin (BTC) remains in a period of lateralization, following a temporary rally that boosted the cryptocurrency and AI token market. BTC is currently trading around $62,000, around 15% below its all-time high recorded two months ago.

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