Wintermute leader Evgeny Gaevoy recently expressed significant concerns about the fate of Ethereum (ETH), clarifying that a possible failure of the cryptocurrency would not be linked to the efficiency of its competitors, such as Solana, which is known for its speed.

According to Gaevoy, the real danger for Ethereum does not come from direct competition, but rather from deep ideological differences within its own community. He highlighted that blockchain has remarkable potential to sustain highly capitalist systems, driven by clear and robust incentives. However, he notes growing tension among influential members of the Ethereum community, including figures like Vitalik Buterin and Hayden Adams, who appear to seek a reform of capitalism itself.

These leaders argue that the true appreciation of creations within Ethereum should be measured by the nobility of objectives, such as improvements in public health, development of free software and artistic contributions that benefit society. “Whether the objective is worth it” becomes a criterion to justify the value of what is built, according to Gaevoy.

Even more so, Gaevoy highlighted that there is a belief among these leaders that the best entrepreneurs are those driven by a desire to positively impact society. He points out, however, that there is a paradox in this vision: “You will establish capitalism or planned socialism. I’m sorry, but you can’t have it both ways.” This attempt to merge two very different economic systems on the same platform could, according to him, lead to the collapse of Ethereum.

This scenario proposed by Gaevoy illustrates a fundamental challenge at the heart of cryptocurrencies: how to reconcile divergent economic ideals in a technology that promises to decentralize and democratize finance.


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