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He Real Madrid they will play their third game of the league season and will do so for the first time in their stadium. will not be the Santiago Bernabeuwhich continues to work on its remodeling works, but on Alfredo DiStefano who already lived how last year the league title was consummated on his lawn.

The team of Zidane arrives with the reinforced template after the recoveries of Hazard y Asensio, and with good feelings after the first win at Villamarín. The merengue team won and solved their problems with the goal in a game marked by the intervention of WAS. They have a total of four points and are starting to fuel up ahead of an exciting campaign.

For its part, the Valladolid team still does not know what it is to win in the domestic competition and has already announced rotations. Of the three games they have played, one more than the madridistas, they only have two points out of a possible nine. they tied before Royal Society and Celtic and they lost against Betis. For this reason, they are located in the lower area of ​​the table.

Bet with Betsson

Betting on the victory of the local team is paid at 1.24 euros in Betsson for the 12 of Real Valladolid and the 6 of the tie. The victory of Real Madrid by the minimum is paid at 7.20 euros, for 6.20 for 2-0 and 7.60 for 3-0. With 3-1 you can multiply your bet by 11, while 2-1 has a fee of 8.80.

If you think that Valladolid will win the match, the figures are also very juicy. The odds in your favor are as follows: 0-1 (29), 0-2 (67), 0-3 (276), 1-2 (34) or 1-3 (111). That the regulation time ends with the initial tie is paid at 17 euros, while the 1-1 has a quota of 11.

Hazard tries to dribble past Asensio

Match scorers

first to score

You can also win money at Betsson by guessing who will be in charge of opening the can this match. Benzema has the lowest quota with 3.40 euros, while Hazard and Vinicius follow him with 5.50 and 7 respectively. That it is Weissman who manages to score the first is paid at 13 euros.

goalscorer at any time

If you think it will be a game of goals that Jovic sees the door throughout the 90 minutes, it pays 2.38 per euro bet, while if it is Odegaard who does it, you can win up to 2.75 for every euro you bet. Valverde, who usually joins the attack in actions on the edge of the area, has a quota of 6 euros. Benzema is paid at 1.57, Modric at 4, Plano at 6.50 and Mendy at 9.50.

goal minute

If you want to go further and bet on the minutes in which the goals will occur, you can also do it at Betsson. If you think that during the first 15 minutes there will be a goal, you can earn 2.55 euros for each one wagered. If you trust that Real Madrid will be winning before half an hour of play, you can go to 2.21 euros. And if you think that more than two goals have been scored at game time, you have a quota of 2.10.

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