Will tokenization reshape the future of finance? Ripple believes so. The company shared its big vision on tokenization in a series of Insights. According to a Ripple survey, 72% of more than 1,700 financial leaders expect to explore tokenization in the next three years.

Cryptographic payments helped drive the initial innovation and adoption of blockchain technology, but the key benefits of improved access, efficiency and liquidity are now fueling the latest transformational application of this technology – the tokenization of real-world assets. And business leaders are taking notice. Seventy-two percent (72%) of respondents to Ripple’s 2023 New Value Report said they expect to explore tokenization as a means of driving innovation over the next three years.”

However, according to Ripple, to be successful, these companies will need to build an asset tokenization strategy that considers the elements and industries most capable of unlocking the full potential of blockchain.

In its report, Ripple listed the benefits of using this technology: “The growing interest and examples of tokenization can be attributed to the wide range of benefits that blockchain technology allows. From tokenizing financial and real estate assets to ownership, event ticketing and carbon credits, tokenization is helping companies maximize revenue through simplified management, greater accessibility and greater liquidity.”

The report highlighted that one of the main benefits is greater transparency, as well as improving access to an asset class by reducing traditional barriers to entry, reducing costs or asset prices and eliminating geographic boundaries. “But the benefits of tokenization can only be realized when the markets for these tokenized assets become more liquid and have a strong secondary market,” Ripple noted.


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