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Another memecoin pre-sale took off in the last 24 hours and surpassed an important milestone. This time it was WienerAI, a cryptocurrency that mixes dog memecoin and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and which launched a trading robot. The news sparked interest in pre-sales, which in just a few hours surpassed the barrier of US$600,000 raised.

According to its website, WienerAI is a “revolutionary AI trading platform” that has “unmatched capabilities.” Among them is precisely the trading robot, which seeks to facilitate the purchase of cryptocurrencies using technology. The robot promises to facilitate negotiations, finding entry and exit points to offer market advantages to its users.

The proposal to use robots to operate cryptocurrencies has existed for some time, but WienerAI is the first cryptocurrency to use AI for this purpose, making its robot one of the most efficient on the market. On the other hand, the token also offers other advantages, such as a profitable staking service and zero fees on operations.

For many investors, using AI technology in cryptocurrency trading can bring an unfair advantage to those who use it. However, WienerAI’s trading robot does just the opposite: it equalizes traders’ ability to compete in an increasingly competitive market.

After all, as cryptocurrencies grow in value and interest, they attract the attention of large institutional investors, who have much broader resources. And these, yes, have an unfair advantage over traders in terms of capital, access to information, trading tools, among others.

Therefore, WienerAI’s proposal is to make high-precision tools accessible to any trader and level the playing field. This stance is part of the ethos of memecoins, which compete to outperform traditional investors. The 2021 GameStop stock case was the biggest recent example of this.

Now, WienerAI wants to bring these same possibilities to the memecoin sector. The project brings together cutting-edge technology, eliminates excess costs and enables fee-free trading, making trading accessible to anyone.

Gaining prominence

With this innovation, WienerAI quickly gained the interest of much of the cryptocurrency market. It became the subject of negotiations that made demand for its pre-sale skyrocket.

With less than 48 hours left until the end of the first round, WienerAI is less than US$300,000 away from raising the amount needed to close the negotiations. Furthermore, the token became one of the main themes of the 99Bitcoins channel on YouTube, which highlighted memecoin as one of the new bets that could increase in value by up to 100 times.

Each WAI token is costing $0.000702 in this first round, which means $1.00 buys 1,424 tokens. Therefore, purchase your WAI before the value increases, using the official pre-sale website to purchase safely.

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