6 October 2022

The lottery, along with online casino games, is very popular in Spain. A game that has a great story and… a real background! Since it was King Carlos III who imported it to Spain. And today the lottery is one of the most beloved games of chance. It is enough to choose some numbers and wait for luck to be with us.

But where does it come from? From Naples. We must not forget that Carlos III was King of Spain, but also of Naples. And from there he brought this unusual idea, being a monarch. At first the game was not an immediate success. What the king did was increase the benefit of the prizes to encourage his countrymen to play.

Reason to bring the lottery to Spain

The purpose of the lottery was to raise funds for the royal coffers. And to do so, King Carlos III came up with the brilliant idea of ​​bringing the lottery game to Spain. Of course, charging a fee on it. It should be noted that this was a novelty for the time. Yes, games of chance already existed, but they had been prohibited in different periods.

Why were they banned? Basically they were seen as a harmful and unhealthy practice. So what this king did to get money was to take advantage of this widespread practice in Spanish society. It is in the year 1763 when the lottery was established, no less than by Royal Decree. The draws were made in the Room of the Royal Council of Finance, how could it be otherwise.

How was this lottery played?

Same as now. They had to choose some numbers that had to match those that came out of a box. In it there were no less than 90 numbers. To play, you had to go to the Royal Lottery and place your bet there. When making the payment, the player was given a kind of ID, as he had bet on his numbers… the receipt!

When was the first draw? Around Christmas, since it was in the middle of 1763. The game achieved a resounding success over time… and today its interest has not waned. Luckily, now you can play the lottery without having to go to the Real Lottery. You have a lot of games in online casinos like Betsson, Bethard o Joker betyou save travel and you are free of schedules.

Source: www.juego-legal-espana.es

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