23 mayo 2023

Everyone knows the figure of the dealer in casinos. He caters to roulette, poker or blackjack and is a true gaming professional. He helps us comply with the rules and makes our games more agile. He is also in charge of spinning the wheel, collecting the chips, dealing the cards, making the payments and supervising the game. Do you want to know more about them? Here we will talk about its main features.

Characteristics of a good dealer

  • Being skillful in mental calculation, since it keeps the accounts and the plays
  • Know how to resolve conflicts that arise between players or between players and the table
  • Withstand the pressure in difficult moments or when high stakes are placed
  • He must have people skills and be communicative, and the players must feel comfortable with him
  • Be very considerate when players lose their bets
  • Treat customers with courtesy and respect at all times
  • Must be a sociable, outgoing person who generates confidence
  • Be very competent when it comes to dealing the cards and collecting the chips

Now a dealer’s knowledge of languages ​​and good physical preparation are also valued. The latter is basically to stand up for hours. Besides, it is taken into account that he is sure of himself, after all, this must be what he must transmit to the table.

Where can you find a dealer in online casinos?

A dealer is a person with great responsibility and knowledge of the game. He is also graceful in his movements, careful in his vocabulary and is neatly dressed. If you want to participate in a game where there is a dealer, you can do it in live roulette, blackjack and also poker.

You can place your bets on Luckia, Sports o LeoVegas. And you can also opt for virtual dealers, the advantage of these is that they are available 24 hours a day. To this day, the game of roulette, for example, cannot be understood without the figure of the dealer. And it is that they are as important as the game itself.

Source: www.juego-legal-espana.es

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