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The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain reached a historic milestone with the tokenization of United States Treasuries, surpassing the impressive US$1 billion mark.

This achievement was driven by the recent launch of BlackRock’s RWA token, the “BlackRock USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund” (BUIDL), revealing a seismic shift in the financial market.

The BUIDL fund, based on Ethereum and developed by BlackRock, burst onto the scene on March 20, quickly reaching a market capitalization of an impressive $244.8 million.

According to data from 21Shares’ Dune Analytics analysis panel, BUIDL is in second place, behind only Franklin Templeton’s Franklin OnChain US Government Money Fund (FOBXX), which maintains a prominent position with US$360.2 million in US Treasuries .

However, BUIDL is not far behind, as it contributes significantly to the total amount of $1.08 billion in US Treasuries tokenized across no less than 17 different products.

One of the highlights of this journey was the participation of Ondo Finance, a specialist in the tokenization of real-world assets. The company made a substantial deposit of $95 million into BlackRock’s BUIDL fund, further strengthening BUIDL’s position as an attractive option for investors looking for instant liquidity and stable returns.

RWA Tokens

BUIDL’s success not only underscores the growing interest in RWA tokens, but also highlights the growing importance of blockchain and tokenization in the global financial landscape. With the value of BUIDL anchored at a 1:1 ratio to the US dollar, investors have the opportunity to earn monthly returns in a less volatile environment.

According to analyst Wayne Jones, this upward trend in tokenization is just the beginning of a broader financial revolution. Large asset management firms like WisdomTree and native blockchain companies like Ondo Finance, Backed Finance, Matrixdock, Maple Finance, and Swarm are leading the way into a new era of accessible, decentralized investing.

“As the blockchain market continues to evolve, the tokenization of real assets is expected to become even more widespread, opening doors to a wider range of investment opportunities,” he said.

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