Uniswap, a leading crypto decentralized exchange (DEX), announced on October 12 the launch of a beta version of its mobile app for Android. Previously, the Uniswap wallet was only available for computers and mobile devices running iOS.

“We are excited to bring Uniswap to everyone’s pocket with the launch of Uniswap on Android. Uniswap first launched on iOS in April and in less than a month it became one of the top three wallets for new downloads. Now, we are bringing a simpler and safer way to trade on the go for Android users,” he wrote in a note.

According to the developers, over the past few months, they have meticulously adapted the Uniswap wallet to Android “to match the same exchange experience that millions of people have on Uniswap.”

“The Uniswap wallet was carefully built for the perfect swap: discover top tokens, automatically switch between Mainnet and L2s, and swap in a split second. In the last few months, we have doubled down on what we consider a great exchange,” he said.

“The next wave of user adoption will happen on networks with cheaper and faster transactions. That’s why we’ve simplified switching in L2s. Swappers don’t even need to switch between these chains. Simply select a token and the Uniswap wallet will automatically detect the chain and switch to it. Swap for Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism and now Base and BNBChain with more to come”, he highlighted.

In its statement, the team also highlighted that it has added swap protection to the Uniswap wallet. According to the developers, swaps in the mobile wallet will now default to a private transaction pool to protect MEV users and offer better prices.


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Source: https://portalcripto.com.br/uniswap-anuncia-lancamento-de-versao-beta-de-carteira-cripto-para-android/

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