In a strategic move to strengthen its presence in Latin America, Trust Wallet, a renowned decentralized cryptocurrency wallet, recently announced its expansion in the region. This expansion is the result of innovative partnerships with Alchemy Pay and Banxa, two prominent platforms that facilitate the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. This development represents a significant advancement in access and convenience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Latin America.

The core of this expansion lies in the integration of local payment methods, a measure that promises to revolutionize the way users in Latin America interact with the world of cryptocurrencies. The partnership will allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies using payment methods widely used in the region. Some of them are PIX in Brazil, PSE in Colombia and SPEI in Mexico, in addition to bank transfers in Argentina and Chile. This inclusion of local payment methods underlines Trust Wallet’s commitment to meeting the specific needs of the Latin American market.

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Partnerships with Alchemy Pay and Banxa drive purchasing flexibility

This expansion is not only a milestone for Trust Wallet, but also for users, who will now have access to an unprecedented variety of crypto assets. The offering includes more than 10 million cryptoassets, more than 600 million NFTs and support for more than 100 blockchains. Thus, providing impressive flexibility and diversity for users in the region.

Alchemy Pay stands out as an innovative payment gateway, establishing a vital bridge between cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies. In other words, this Trust Wallet connection is crucial to facilitate access for companies, developers and end users in America. This simplifies the adoption of cryptocurrencies on a broader scale. On the other hand, Banxa, a renowned infrastructure provider, further strengthens the ecosystem by allowing companies to integrate cryptocurrencies into their platforms. This integration improves accessibility and makes it easier for new users to enter the cryptocurrency market.


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