Europe is showing remarkable optimism regarding the future of cryptocurrencies, according to a recent Binance survey. The survey, which involved 10,498 participants from France, Italy, Spain and Sweden, carried out between October 14 and November 8, 2023, revealed that 73% of respondents are confident in the potential of digital assets.

This optimism is accompanied by significant engagement with the crypto universe. Surprisingly, 55% of participants indicated that their financial interactions are exclusively with cryptocurrencies. This data reflects not only a positive trend regarding the growth and adoption of blockchain technology, but also a robust faith in the digital asset market. Interestingly, 24% of respondents shared that more than half of their business activities involve cryptocurrencies.

The applications of digital assets are diverse, with 34% of respondents using them for long-term trading. Furthermore, 26% choose to save cryptocurrencies as a form of savings, 13% dedicate themselves to day trading and 9% use these assets for purchases. Notably, 55% of participants use cryptocurrencies for daily transactions, and 10% make crypto purchases weekly.

In addition to an optimistic view, Binance research revealed the main factors driving the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Europe. Among them, the potential for high returns, the attraction of decentralization and the financial autonomy offered by digital assets, as well as innovation and technology, were highlighted by 20%, 18% and 17% of respondents, respectively.

As for involvement with the sector, 82% of participants have been immersed in the world of cryptocurrencies for at least a year. Among these, 73% have remained active for five years, and 9% have been involved for more than five years. Interestingly, only 5% entered the crypto space in the last six months.

Another notable aspect is that 53% of respondents identify as active traders, with the majority making monthly trades. Regarding preferences for wallet types, 65% favor centralized exchange wallets, while 18% opt for hardware wallets.

Rachel Conlan, CMO at Binance, commented on the research, highlighting the growing integration of digital assets into everyday life and their diverse applications: “The growing use of crypto in everyday purchases and its diverse applications highlights the integration of digital assets into our lives. With Europe at the forefront of implementing a secure and harmonized regulatory framework for the industry through MiCA, it is clear that the region is actively paving the way for the widespread adoption of digital assets.”


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