In an impressive trade in the cryptocurrency market, a trader managed to transform an investment of US$49,000 into an astonishing amount of US$2 million in just five hours. The operation involved the cryptocurrency Solana (SOL) and the recently launched meme coin, TORI, reaching a yield of almost 4,000%.

The origin of this remarkable feat dates back to a set of transactions in which 344 SOL were exchanged for 261.4 million TORI. These SOLs came from two different withdrawals made on April 25th and 26th from the Binance platform, directed to two new wallet addresses.

TORI/SOL – TradingView

After acquiring the tokens, the trader quickly distributed the amount of TORI to several addresses on April 28, shortly after the purchase. This movement generated speculation about the use of privileged information, according to notes from Lookonchain and discussions on social networks.

The value accumulated by the trader, however, remains as unrealized profit. This implies that these gains could dissipate as quickly as they appeared if the tokens are not sold in time.

The token in question, now called Tori the Cat (TORI) by analytics platforms like SOLScan, is not yet recognized by the decentralized exchange Raydium. This technical detail means that TORI can only be exchanged through its original address on Raydium, where there is currently a liquidity of 6,466.24 SOL and 93.65 million TORI available for transactions.


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