A Dutch judge at the Hertogenbosch court convicted Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsev of money laundering at his sentencing on May 14, according to information published by Coindesk. The court sentence received by Pertsev was 64 months in prison.

According to the publication, the magistrate’s verdict highlighted that “Tornado Cash does not represent any barrier for people with criminal assets who wish to launder them”. In its justification, the ruling emphasized: “This is why the court finds the defendant guilty of money laundering activities as accused.”

According to the report, after the court session, Alexey Pertsev was escorted by police officers to the cells under the court, where he is expected to remain until the Public Prosecutor’s Office finds a suitable prison in the Netherlands for the Tornado Cash developer.

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Pertsey Prison

Pertsev was arrested in August 2022 on allegations that contributions to Tornado Cash facilitated the processing of more than $1 billion in funds stolen by North Korean hackers through the mixer. The allegations against the Tornado Cash founder were revealed in an indictment obtained by DL News, highlighting allegations that Pertsev laundered more than $1.2 billion in illicit funds.

Dutch prosecutors accused Pertsev of involvement in money laundering activities. According to the indictment, Pertsev was a co-author of asset laundering through Tornado Cash, a cryptocurrency mixer that obfuscates transaction trails.

Dutch prosecutors were able to identify 36 transactions from decentralized protocols intended for Tornado Cash. Transactions included a large amount of Ethereum (ETH) from platforms such as Ronin Bridge.

Who is Alexey Pertsev?

Alexey Pertsev is a cybersecurity professional and open source developer who has risen to prominence in the cryptocurrency scene. He graduated from Maritime State University with a specialist degree in computer security and information systems. In 2017, he began his career as a penetration tester at Digital Security, a security company.

Pertsev gained notoriety as co-founder of PepperSec, a cybersecurity company. However, what brought him into the spotlight was his contribution to Tornado Cash, an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency mixer known for its non-custodial nature.


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