The sports betting controversy had been a long time coming. After scandals of a similar nature in other modalities, the American league had saved the furniture and had avoided any problem related to this practice. However, now a case has been uncovered that has set off alarm bells in the competition.

The NBA has opened an investigation into Jontay Porterpromising player of the Toronto Raptors. The basketball league has put two alleged cases of betting irregularities under the spotlight in recent months. The first dates back to January 26 against Los Angeles Clippers and the second on March 20 against Sacramento Kings.

Jontay Porter did not shoot a triple in the first game and was well below his usual statistics. Furthermore, he only played four minutes before retiring to the bench citing an injury. Against the Sacramento Kings, the center only made one shot from beyond 6.75 and then retired citing physical problems after playing three minutes.

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The NBA’s suspicions center on the fact that Jontay Porter could have manipulated his performance on the court so that the combination of all his statistics was met, referring to the under, that is, some numbers below certain parameters. In fact, Porter’s bet against the Clippers was the one that generated the most money in that game.

Now the player, who has a two-way contract with the Toronto Raptors, could face a harsh sanction from the NBA and the franchise. The American competition has always been very blunt with this type of controversies and does not hesitate to punish its players if it considers it so.

Jontay Porter makes a pass to the basket against the Denver Nuggets.


Curiously, the NBA had aligned itself with betting in recent months. Several years ago he signed contracts with DrafyKings y FanDuelgaming companies, and also revealed that fans of the basketball league would be able to bet live through the NBA League Pass. However, these types of practices like Jontay Porter’s are not well regarded.

Your coach speaks out

At the moment, the Toronto Raptors have not commented on the matter, but the coach of the Canadian franchise has spoken. Darko Rajaković He has indicated that they are currently supporting the player until the case is resolved and has assured that he does not doubt the physical problems that Porter had in those games.

“I never doubt the injuries. I never doubt the honesty of the players. Obviously, I’ve never had a situation like this before. I don’t know what the franchise will do. I know that nobody wants this type of situation to happen to anyone, anyone.” We just have to deal with it,” said Darko Rajaković.


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