Experts from Pantera Capital, a renowned hedge fund focused on cryptocurrencies, highlighted two altcoin projects that are emerging as promising for the next bull market wave.

According to Cosmo Jiang and Erik Lowe, analysts at the company, there is an intense search for projects that demonstrate fundamental strength, standing out for their suitability for the market, leadership by competent teams and a sustainable unitary economic model.

The first project mentioned by the duo is Stacks (STX), known for its mission to expand the capabilities of Bitcoin (BTC) through the introduction of smart contracts. “Stacks’ mission to bring innovation to Bitcoin is therefore exciting and timely,” comment the analysts, pointing out Stacks’ distinctiveness as the only layer-2 smart contract solution working on Bitcoin today. This fact places Stacks in a position of competitive advantage, according to experts, who see great potential in the project in the face of future competition.

The second project in focus is dYdX (DYDX), a decentralized exchange that operates on Ethereum (ETH). The business model based on commission rates and staking rewards showed positive evolution, with emphasis on the implementation of a capital return mechanism for token holders.

“One of the main reasons we believe dYdX is interesting is that its unit economics have trended positively over the last year,” explain Jiang and Lowe, highlighting the distribution of profits from the dYdX protocol directly to token holders as a differentiator. attractive.

These insights into Stacks and dYdX reflect a careful analysis of the cryptocurrency market, indicating a close look at trends and growth potential. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, projects with solid foundations and innovative economic models tend to stand out, suggesting a promising path for investors aware of opportunities.


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