Cryptocurrency mining is an activity that is always on investors’ radar, as it is a profitable way to obtain digital assets, especially Bitcoin. However, mining activity is not always easy or accessible, as the equipment can be expensive and its operation requires high energy consumption, costing the planet and investors alike.

O Bitcoin Minetrix is a new crypto that has arrived to offer a much more profitable and sustainable way of mining. With all the innovation that guides the project, we can expect that the future of mining will be built by the hands of the developers of this new asset. Continue reading to learn more details about the token.

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In this article, we will discuss:

Inserted in a market context in which innovation is paramount, the developers launched Bitcoin Minetrix, a crypto that is in pre-sale and has the power to revolutionize the way of mining cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin.

This is because the BTCMTX token provides access to an innovative mining platform that works in a tokenized and easily accessible cloud, with security for investors. This can be a sustainable solution for those who want to mine Bitcoin without the high costs of the necessary equipment and without the complexity of the configurations.

During the crypto winter, mining activity became costly, especially for purchasing equipment. But with Bitcoin Minetrix comes a golden opportunity that makes BTC mining available to anyone in a decentralized way, using a safe and transparent means, without running the risk of falling for mining scams or hiring inefficient services. This puts Bitcoin Minetrix on the list of most promising cryptocurrencies of 2023.

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Bitcoin Minetrix’s innovative ecosystem provides a unique mining experience, with ease of access to a reliable platform, with the ability to promote a transparent and intuitive experience, aimed at beginners and advanced users in Bitcoin mining. With this, some of the problems encountered today will be resolved. We can cite as an example, the reduction of high costs for purchasing hardware and the need to configure the equipment, since the BTCMTX developers do the configuration for you. Furthermore, you are not subject to the risks of recurring scams.

Another reason for you to start mining right now is the staking feature of BTCMTX tokens. Simply buy your assets and invest in the platform’s exclusive income system called stake-to-mine. This system is still very little known in the crypto market, but it promises to be very profitable for investors, as you can use your earnings balance to buy more mining credits.

Bitcoin Minetrix Rodmap – Check out what’s coming

BTCMTX developers took care of every detail of the project, especially the rodmap, so that none of the development phases were left aside, increasing the asset’s growth potential.

See the token’s growth projection throughout the phases:

Phase 1 – Pre-sale and distribution of tokens

In this first phase, the developers seek to launch pre-sales, carry out research and consultancy on the market, develop the staking contract, carry out the marketing campaign for the BTCMTX token.

This way, as soon as all pre-sale tokens are sold, listing will take place on major exchanges and marketing will also be intensified.

Phase 2 – Platform Development and other configurations

At this stage, attention will be focused on fully developing the ecosystem’s software and applications, expanding the team, negotiating to increase the potential of cloud mining, improving the stake-to-mine contract, listing on more exchanges and increasing the profitability of the active.

Phase 3 – Launch of the stake-to-mine platform

In the third phase, there will be the launch of the desktop version of the platform panel, the implementation of asset burning to increase the hype around the asset, the bet on ecosystem growth, new negotiations with external conglomerates to increase mining power, and more marketing, including using influencers.

BTCMTX token pre-sale could end at any time – buy now

Bitcoin Minetrix project tokens are on pre-sale for a limited time. Even with just a few days since launch, tokens are selling out quickly. For this pre-sale phase, around 35% of the project’s 4,000,000,000 tokens will be allocated. Therefore, investors need to rush to secure their assets at a special price.

The developers’ goal for pre-sale fundraising is US$3,080,000.00 and part of this goal has already been achieved, as the most tuned-in investors know that innovative tokens can be much more profitable. The difference with BTCMTX is that mining could once again be one of the main trends in the digital market.

Buy your BTCMTX tokens before the asset increases in price and secure an innovative way to mine and earn passive income with your wallet.

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The views and opinions expressed by the author, or anyone mentioned in this article, are for informational purposes only and do not constitute financial, investment or other advice. Investing or trading cryptocurrencies carries a risk of financial loss.


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