The detection of illegal betting, whose business invoices 1.7 trillion dollars a year around the world, it is a priority for LaLiga, which has a global integrity protection program which is taught to the 42 professional football clubs.

The program has four phases. A first of preventionthe second of monitoring and alert, the third of investigation and complaint, with a collaboration agreement with the National Police since 2017, and the fourth of international activity.

Integrity officers

“The workshops, which are certified and mandatory attendance, are given to all professional football clubs,” reports Iñaki Arbea, director of Integrity, who reveals that the Spanish championship is the only one in the world with Integrity Officers who go to football stadiums every day.

“These officers resolve doubts and if they see any relevant attitude against integrity they make it known,” he emphasizes, whose department works with a computer program that tracks and gives alerts of any event from First to the Youth Division of Honor.

These non-professional football categories, despite not depending on LaLiga, are also tracked and have their own integrity mechanisms managed by the Real spanish soccer federation.

In FIFA they do not prescribe

The main lines of action of the LaLiga integrity program are limited to sports betting, sports corruption and the handling of privileged information such as signings, lineups or injuries, some aspects that are governed by the Spanish Gaming Law.

“Spain is a legal country of mere action. Just proposing an action of this type would be a crime. Crime does not require an end. And in the Penal Code crimes are prescribed but not in FIFA, that’s why we have a lot of influence on footballers,” says the LaLiga Integrity Director.

good results

The work that LaLiga is doing seems to bear fruit since in these six years “There is no evidence that a First or Second player has been sanctioned for gambling.

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“We have not identified the gambler or the amateur”, he assures Arbeitwho recalled that the illegality of betting as a professional footballer is “more than a recommendation not to do so if it is relative or person from the closed nucleus of the player”.

LaLiga works on this matter persecution of illegal betting with different international integrity associations.


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