Tensor, which operates in the NFT market based on the Solana blockchain, will launch its Governance Token. Last Tuesday, the team behind the project announced ambitious plans to launch a new governance token, known as $TNSR. This movement puts power directly in the hands of your community, marking a significant step towards decentralization.

The news came via a post on X (formerly Twitter), where the Tensor Foundation revealed that additional details about the token launch would be released soon. The statement raised expectations among users and investors, especially since it was not mentioned whether the launch will include an airdrop, a common practice that rewards existing users with free tokens.

Introducing $TNSR – the future of NFT trading.
$TNSR will govern the Tensor protocols that have already traded over $2 billion worth of NFTs on the fastest and most scalable blockchain – Solana.

“Soon, Tensor protocols will be adopted by the Tensor Foundation and governed by the Tensor community using $TNSR,” the post stated, signaling an era of greater community participation and influence on the platform’s future decisions.

This development is not isolated to the Solana ecosystem, known for its efficiency and low transaction costs, ideal for creating and trading NFTs. Since December, several projects within this blockchain have been following a similar path, launching their own tokens to decentralize governance. This allows token holders to have a say in the future directions of the protocol, with those who contribute or use the service the most, such as trading hundreds of NFTs, receiving larger allocations of the token.


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