Swell, a leading staking platform, announced its latest innovation: a layer 2 rollup solution focused on restoking, developed in collaboration with AltLayer and EigenDA. This new technology, based on AltLayer’s concept of restored rollups, is a big step towards decentralization and efficiency in the crypto ecosystem.

Restored rollups, an evolution in conventional rollup design, are structured to integrate Actively Validated Services (AVS) in a modular way. This approach distributes validation functions across the network, reducing centralization and increasing security.

Furthermore, these services contribute to the robustness of the system, ensuring the accuracy of rollup states and speeding up the transaction completion process.

At the heart of this innovation is Swell’s liquid restocked token (LRT), rswETH, which will serve as the network’s gas coin. Additionally, Swell’s governance token, SWELL, will play a vital role, overseeing the new layer 2 as well as the swWTH and rswWTH tokens.


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Source: https://portalcripto.com.br/swell-avanca-com-nova-camada-2-de-restaking-em-parceria-com-polygon-cdk/

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