Two screenshots of an alleged Starknet airdrop recently circulated on social media. After what happened, the Starknet Foundation commented on the speculation that was made about its next air launch.

The statement highlights that the Starknet Foundation is developing plans to distribute the STRK token to certain users/contributors.

“We saw that a preview of an iteration of a possible provisions portal was shared on social media. As noted a year ago in the original STRK token announcement, the Starknet Foundation is developing plans to distribute the token to certain users/contributors for past activities at some point,” he wrote.

The organization behind the Ethereum Layer 2 Starknet network highlighted in its comment on what happened that the screenshots had preliminary plans that are “still under development”.

“Technology teams build and test different front-ends, some of which see the light of day and some of which don’t. Note that the screenshots contained preliminary plans that are still in development. The threshold for any criteria used to determine who can receive tokens or how many tokens has already existed and no action or activity can now impact eligibility in any way.”

Still on this occasion, the Starknet Foundation warned users to be careful about scams. “We will share the finalized official criteria and details on provision allocations when they are ready. Lastly, be careful with scams. Follow information on our official channels”, concluded the company.

It is worth noting that, in July, the Starknet “appchains” structure was launched. This was yet another notable advancement towards the development of a multi-chain ecosystem, presenting undeniable benefits for developers.

In an informative post at the time, the Starknet team hinted at the possibility of better performance for developers leveraging Starknet appchains. This assertion gains strength with the recent v0.12.0 update of Starknet on the mainnet. Reports indicate that network performance took a significant leap after implementing the update.


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