The gaming and cryptocurrency industry never ceases to surprise. The latest news is the decision by ATMTA, creators of Star Atlas, to open the doors to developers who want to explore the depths of their game based on the Solana blockchain. This gesture signifies not only an expansion for the Star Atlas universe, but also a new era of opportunities for game creators.

Star Atlas, an RPG focused on space exploration, has been a true rising star on the Solana network. Now, ATMTA is releasing its developer tools and documentation, kicking off with SAGE Labs, a browser game that connects to the Star Atlas cosmos. Free access to resources, tools and programs gives developers a chance to create, modify and improve their ideas within this expansive universe.

One of ATMTA’s main motivations in making this decision is to promote transparency and trust among players and stakeholders. By making its data publicly available, the company seeks to create a broader ecosystem around its game. Michael Wagner, CEO of Star Atlas, highlights the vision that this transforms Star Atlas from a simple game to a development platform. The potential is now limitless.

And if you’re thinking that this generosity comes at a price, think again. Wagner said ATMTA will not charge any percentage on the first million dollars of gross revenue generated using its tools. Fees are only applied when income exceeds this amount.

However, it is worth remembering that every new step comes with its challenges. Wagner is cautiously optimistic, acknowledging that some people may have questions or face difficulties when trying to use the new tools. But, in his view, this is just part of the process.

Despite the challenges ATMTA has faced in the past, such as cutting 73% of its staff, the company’s focus and determination remain unwavering. With the release of these tools and features, it is expected to not only take Star Atlas to new heights, but also offer developers the chance to create something truly revolutionary on the Solana network.


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