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The memecoin Slothana (SLOTH) has emerged as one of Solana’s most promising cryptocurrencies. In just three days, SLOTH raised more than US$3 million with its pre-sales, a pace that continued accelerating. Now, in less than two weeks, memecoin has already raised US$10 million.

This success came from an innovative pre-sales model that Slothana brought to the market. Typically, new cryptocurrencies organize a tier-based pre-sale – in which the token price increases after each step. But Slothana has simplified this action: just enter the website, connect your wallet and purchase as many SLOTH as you want.

Currently, one SOL (which is around R$900) can buy 10,000 SLOTH. And with the success of the pre-sale, the market has ambitious plans for SLOTH to reign among the biggest memecoins today.

Memecoin heading towards $1 billion?

The SLOTH pre-sale campaign is still ongoing, allowing market participants to purchase before the token launches on exchanges. However, this offer does not have a predetermined hard limit, which provides even more profit opportunities.

This structure, combined with the frenzy surrounding memecoin, contributed to it raising US$10 million in less than two weeks. The move indicates that traders anticipate a sharp rise in SLOTH once it hits exchanges.

By way of comparison, only Slerf managed to raise the same US$10 million as Slothana in its pre-sale. The famous Book of Meme (BOME), for example, raised only US$2 million in the same period.

To add to the excitement, BOME and SLERF have seen unprecedented success following their pre-sales. BOME, for example, reached a market value of US$1 billion and was listed on Binance in two days. Meanwhile, Slerf had problems at launch, but recorded the highest trading volumes in the first few days.

In fact, many analysts are betting that Slothana could be the next memecoin to see gains of up to 100x, especially during the next bull cycle. The token launch will take place on April 20th, the famous Doge Day, so this is the last chance to acquire memecoin.

Access the official website, connect your Solana wallet and choose how many SLOTH you want to purchase. The more you buy, the greater the potential increase that the memecoin portfolio can register. And don’t be fooled by the sloth, because SLOTH could record high gains in a short time.

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