The dynamics between smart contract platforms are increasingly heated. Recently, a veteran trader, known by the pseudonym The Flow Horse, shared with his more than 210 thousand followers an intriguing perspective on Solana (SOL)’s potential to overtake Ethereum (ETH) as the sector leader. At the time of publication, the price of Solana was listed at US$193.33 with a drop of 3% in the last 24 hours.

According to The Flow Horse, the scenario in which Solana surpasses Ethereum has “definitely grown”, drawing a parallel with the fate of Compaq Computer Corporation, once the leader in the personal computer market, before being surpassed and acquired by HP. This comment highlights the unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency market, where the status quo can be quickly challenged and changed.

In addition to his observations on the competition between Solana and Ethereum, The Flow Horse also highlighted the growing popularity of memecoins on the Solana network. This trend is driving a significant increase in the volume of decentralized exchanges (DEXes) operating on the Solana platform, signaling growing interest and adoption among investors and crypto enthusiasts.

One particular point of interest mentioned by The Flow Horse was the emergence of MEW, a new memecoin, which he said could be listed on Coinbase before Dogwifhat (WIF), the largest memecoin on Solana. This speculation highlights the volatility and unique opportunities in the cryptocurrency market, where new projects can quickly emerge and gain prominence. At the time of publication, the price of MEW was quoted at US$0.005271 with a drop of 13% in the last 24 hours.

At this rate, $MEW looks like it will get a Coinbase listing before $WIF
Jokes aside, don’t give up on the project that comes out of nowhere with a stacked book and a strangely high market value.
Inorganic things like these are usually designed to move.

This scenario reflects the constant evolution of the cryptocurrency market, where new platforms and tokens can challenge established leaders, bringing innovations and capturing the attention of investors and users. The possible rise of Solana over Ethereum and the growing interest in memecoins on the platform highlight the dynamic nature of this market, as well as the opportunities that arise for participants attentive to emerging trends and movements.


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