Anyone connected to the crypto world knows that Solana has made important moves recently. Now, in a move that promises to redefine integration standards, it has announced its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). At the Breakpoint 2023 conference, it came to light that Solana nodes will be ready to be deployed to AWS via the Node Runner application.

For those who are not familiar, this may seem too technical, but it is quite new. By being present on AWS, Solana allows global companies to interact with their network in a super easy way. In what way? Simplifying the execution of your nodes, of course.

Integrating with AWS is no small feat. Solana now stands side by side with Ethereum, being the only two blockchains supported by the Node Runner application. The great thing about this partnership is that it paves the way for more companies to experience the advantages of blockchain technology. According to the Solana team, we are talking about a more fluid deployment process, which requires less technical knowledge and more efficiency.

If companies previously thought twice before venturing into the blockchain universe because of its technical challenges, this barrier has just been significantly reduced. Dan Albert, representative of the Solana Foundation, highlighted the positive impact of this new feature: “Now, running a node is much simpler, making it easier for new companies to enter the Solana ecosystem.”

And when talking about AWS, it is important to highlight that the platform has been a true ally in the democratization of access to blockchain technology. With the arrival of Solana on the platform, more companies will be able to launch their decentralized applications (dApps) in a more agile way, taking advantage of Solana’s full capacity and efficiency.

Nikolov Volsov, one of the names behind AWS, was very optimistic about the integration: “The availability of Solana nodes on AWS further enhances the capacity for innovation in technologies such as the decentralized web.”


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